Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walk It Off, Sharklegs.

Whew. The day is flying by. I'm constantly amazed by what these skaters do. Bob Burnquist took a hard fall. He didn't get up. Everyone stopped shooting because it looked like Bob really might have gotten messed up. Bucky jumped into the pool along with the medic. Bob shook it off, climbed out and went back in to finish his run. The crowd went nuts. No one could believe he went after it again after it again.

Its a little overwhelming at this event sometimes. People are getting interviewed left and right. Its kinda like, "Oh my god its Lance Mountain and oh my god he's talking to Chris Miller and they are yelling about Josh Rodriguez' amazing run." This is my third Pool Party and its still not getting old. I was just checking in with a friend of mine who's covering the event today. Its his first one. I say, "Are you cool? Do you need anything?" He replies, "No. This sucks. Worst event ever." A big smile breaks out on his face. He yells, "ARE YOU KIDDING? This is amazing!" Yeah, it is.

The only mildly quiet spot in this place is a little office under the bleachers. That's where Shrugie & Fuel TV / Windowseat Productions are doing the live webcast. Its basically the brain of the beast in here.

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  1. Woohoo, I made the blog! Only took me 10 months to find it too!!!