Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to Stokeville. Population All Us.

My bones ache. I'm dehydrated & forgot to eat all day because it was all too exciting. I screamed so much that I've lost my voice & sound like a 65 year-old lady truck driver. Perfect, perfect day. Off! played & Keith Morris gave me a sticker. Cab finally won the Masters. Bucky threw down like you knew he would. Every time I come to this event its a reminder of just how lucky we are. Ok, enough with that. We got a guy from Thrasher crying about us emailing him the results & bringing him some drink tickets to the after party. Thanks to Steve Van Doren & everyone for making this a great event. See you next year!

Also, thanks to @supersix8 for the photos of OFF! in this post.

Total Chaos

In the last five minutes of the pro finals I think every guy skating lost his mind. Everyone was skating at once. The crowd's noise was deafening. Look at my arm. Chills.

Waiting on the scores now with Josh Borden. He says to use this photo of him because he wants more photos of his butt on the internet.

There you go.

Hot Kids Getting Sassy.

Alright. Masters Finals. Dudes. What do you think happened? They murdered it & everyone loved every minute of it. I didn't think I could be any happier watching Cab skate, but then he upped the ante by wearing all yellow. He looks like a living smile. Grosso is another one of my favorites to watch. The guy has so much power he looks like he's going to push a hole through the side of the pool. Later. I am going to watch the pros.

By the way, this kid. This kid right here. No, not the guy, the child.

He starts yelling at me, "I'm hot aren't I? You think I'm hot." "Yes," I replied, "You are one hot kid."

Take Warning.

Its getting intense in here. Alva got into a scuffle with the security guards. (Its all Hosoi & Cab are in the yellow & green. I'm heading to Masters finals.

This guy put his resume on his shirt. Hire him.

This kid looks undecided about this ice cream choice.

We Ain't Messing Around.

Here are a few clips. Crap! Off! just started to play. Got to go!

Walk It Off, Sharklegs.

Whew. The day is flying by. I'm constantly amazed by what these skaters do. Bob Burnquist took a hard fall. He didn't get up. Everyone stopped shooting because it looked like Bob really might have gotten messed up. Bucky jumped into the pool along with the medic. Bob shook it off, climbed out and went back in to finish his run. The crowd went nuts. No one could believe he went after it again after it again.

Its a little overwhelming at this event sometimes. People are getting interviewed left and right. Its kinda like, "Oh my god its Lance Mountain and oh my god he's talking to Chris Miller and they are yelling about Josh Rodriguez' amazing run." This is my third Pool Party and its still not getting old. I was just checking in with a friend of mine who's covering the event today. Its his first one. I say, "Are you cool? Do you need anything?" He replies, "No. This sucks. Worst event ever." A big smile breaks out on his face. He yells, "ARE YOU KIDDING? This is amazing!" Yeah, it is.

The only mildly quiet spot in this place is a little office under the bleachers. That's where Shrugie & Fuel TV / Windowseat Productions are doing the live webcast. Its basically the brain of the beast in here.